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Dave Taylor and Jessica Carroll Smith have worked together for over eight years on numerous collaborative projects.

They bring their different and complementary skill-sets to the table as Visual Planning Partners. Find out more about each of them below.

Dave Taylor

David Taylor is a trained counsellor and person-centred facilitator. He has experience working with at-risk young people in the foster care system as well as people with intellectual and/or physical disability. When David isn’t seeing clients for counselling or PATH sessions, he coordinates a group called the Inclusive Research Network which is comprised of people with and without intellectual disability who are seeking to increase the voice of people with intellectual disability within the research space.

David has an academic background in philosophy and psychotherapy. He loves bird-watching, fantasy novels, and bush-walking. His big passion is helping people to imagine what a meaningful life for them might look like. See Dave's Counselling and Consultiation  work at

Jessica Carroll Smith

Jessica Carroll Smith is a project manager who synthesises information visually. She loves mapping conversations and ensuring there are concrete next steps for turning vision into action. Jess is always concerned that after a lot of talking there are clear actions to make visions into realities. Jess brings her eclectic back story to the table – she has an honours degree in Human Geography, has worked in social research, Christian ministry and as an Operations Director in multiple organisations. She is a co-founder of the not-for-profit Common Grace. See Jessica's Project Management and Small Business Support work at


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