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Our Approach

David and Jess provide a facilitated goal-setting technique called PATH. During a PATH session we ask questions about what is important to you, what your current situation is, and what a meaningful and fulfilling future for you might look like. Then, based on these things, we discuss what steps might be taken to work towards this vision. During this conversation Jess records the key ideas being expressed using a combination of words and illustrations on a large ‘PATH Chart.’

Imagine your best
life in one year's time

Dream and map
your goals with
Visual Planning Partners


PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope and is a person-centred planning tool created by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forrest, and John O’Brien, to assist in goal setting. David and Jess have found it a useful tool for working with individuals and organisations in slowing down conversations to discern options and clarify future possibilities.


PATHS are useful for anybody and everybody! It's always useful to stop and re-assess what is important to you, where you're heading and how you might get there. PATHS are particularly useful for:

  • Anybody who might be feeling at a loss as to what to be aiming for in life or are looking for clarity of direction

  • Organisations or groups seeking to come up with a vision for themselves

  • People with disabilities and their families who are seeking a vision for their life that honours their unique capacities and ability to contribute to their community


"A tool designed for thinking about what a good life is"

The PATH tool is a person-centred, strengths-based approach that focuses on what people can do (and not their limitations), seeking to explore and open new possibilities.


This practical tool first explores your vision and hopes, before drawing on your inner strengths and available supports to create manageable steps for building your future life. 



We'd love to talk with you about visual goal setting.

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