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Visual Planning Partners offers a 2 hour facilitated conversation that is visually recorded using a globally recognised goal-setting technique called PATH. 

What would an AMAZING life for you or someone you support look like? Imagine what the best life for you in a year’s time could be - a life in line with all the things that are important to you, taking into account your circumstances and parameters. What steps could you take to make this life a reality?

Book a 2 hour faciliated PATH session today.

What services do Visual Planning Partners Offer?

The primary Service we offer is a PATH - a 2 hour facilitated conversation that is visually recorded. This can be with an individual, a supported individual, a group or an organisation. It can take place in person or online. Alongside the 2 hour session, shorter follow up or check-in sessions can also be arranged. You can also reach out to David and Jessica regarding their other services that support goal setting; David as a Counsellor and Consultant, and Jessica as a Project Manager.

Visual Planning Partners also offer training and workshops about the PATH tool.

What does a PATH session involve?
  • David and Jess will come to you at your home or organisation (or over zoom)

  • A large piece of paper will be hung on a wall or a portable stand, this will be used to record the session visually

  • For individuals or families the process takes about two hours

  • For organisations the time will depend on the number of participants, and can take up to a whole day

  • At the end of the session the participant(s) will be given the PATH chart to keep for themselves

  • Following the session David and Jess will provide a write-up of the PATH session to all participants

How much does a PATH session cost?

For Individuals or families, a 2-hour PATH session costs $600. For groups and organisations the price will be negotiated prior to the session based on the time required

When are David and Jess available for PATH sessions?

Currently Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the day, weekday evenings (from 6pm) and some Saturdays.

How can I book a PATH session?

Fill out the form below and we will let you know about our current availability

What does a PATH Workshop involve?

For organisations looking to gain skills in using PATH in their toolkit, David and Jess run a 4 hour training program that covers person-centred planning, the why, how and what of delivering PATH and an introduction to graphing. The Workshop is highly interactive and provides opportunities for participants to build their graphing and facilitation skills.



We'd love to talk with you about visual goal setting.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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